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Tax and NI contributions due dates

19 January 2018
19 April 2018
19 July 2018

What happens when I sign up to Stafftax?

After you have subscribed you will receive a welcome email from us. Please read this carefully as it requires action on your part.

Opening hours

Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

Weekends: Closed



Members Area

Pop ups must be allowed in order to use the Members Area.

Your browser 'back' button will not work in the Members area - please use the on-page navigation.

The Employment Health Check can be found under ‘my details’ after you have logged in - we recommend you use this when setting up a new employee.


How to pay Tax and NI contributions

Tax and National Insurance contributions (also known as 'HMRC liabilities') are due quarterly or monthly, depending on the amount.

You will receive invoices from Stafftax for your HMRC liabilities. 

Pay HMRC directly, quoting the reference number on the invoice.

You can pay via your own online banking, via HMRC's website, or by cheque.  Full details of these options will be on the invoice.

What is the Members Area?

A secure online portal where you can access your Stafftax account to:

~ Download payslips

~ Give employees access to their own payslips

~ Access the Legal Helpline

~ Make changes to your account, such as new employee, change of salary, change of contact details, etc.

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