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Stafftax has 25 years' experience of payroll and helping clients with all aspects of being a domestic employer, whether their employees are Carers, Personal Assistants, Housekeepers or any kind of employee working in your home. Read more about our full service here.

When employing a Carer or Personal Assistant you must remember that you are taking on the responsibilities of an employer and so you are under certain obligations. Besides the legal requirements, meeting these obligations will help maintain a good, smooth-running relationship with your Carer or Personal Assistant - something we are keen to assist with.

Carers and Personal Assistants have the same employee rights as people in any other job. For example, they are legally entitled to a certain amount of holiday, to sick pay and to maternity/paternity leave and pay. They have job security rights, so they may be entitled to redundancy if their services are no longer required, and if you are not happy with their work there are discplinary procedures to go through before they can be dismissed from your service.

See here for more information on employee rights.

Stafftax can help you with all of this as well as running your payroll and providing you with an Employment Contract.  We will give you the security of knowing that your responsibilities are being fulfilled and that you are staying the right side of the law as an employer.  

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