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What are domestic staff and how can they support my household?

What are domestic staff and how can they support my household?

Whilst the term domestic staff may evoke images of a downtown abbey sized property, that is no longer the case. The term domestic staff simply refers to an individual that is employed to work within a household to support the homeowner.

With many households, now taking on domestic staff to support them with a variety of tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, household organisation and even childcare, the domestic staffing industry is thriving to this very day.

Some examples of domestic staff that you may find working within a modern-day household are:

• Housekeeper

Duties of a housekeeper may include: Cleaning, household organisation, meal preparation, shopping, and even pet care.

• Nanny

Duties of a nanny may include: Caring for the children, keeping them entertained as well as supporting with homework and other activities.

In some households the role of a nanny and housekeeper, are combined, particularly if the children within the household are older and need less support.

• Personal Assistant

Duties of a personal assistant may include: Diary management, administration, organisation, and paperwork support. They may also be asked to assist with business administration in addition to supporting the household.

• Chauffeur

Duties of a chauffeur may include: Driving to and from appointments, meetings, airports and even in some cases school drop off and pick up.

• Carer

Duties of a carer may include: Caring for or supporting an individual with their day to days tasks, such as shopping, cooking, household chores and medical support. Carers also act as companion for the individuals that they care for.

Each household may have its own unique requirements, that fit one or more of the above roles. If you would like guidance or support with finding the perfect candidate for your household, we would recommend reaching out to a domestic staff agency, who will talk through your specific requirements and help you to find the perfect candidate for the role.

Search our directory here, to find a domestic staff agency local to you.

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