Latest Coronavirus Update – June 2020: With 28 new additional staff members and a new Furlough Portal built we are starting to make inroads into the influx of work that Coronavirus has created for the business.

The immediate challenge is making sure all of our customer’s July quarterly tax bill is up to date and accurate, and for those customers who have requested Furlough that these requests have been processed. To ensure this vital workstream has our team’s full focus, we have temporarily closed our phone lines for 2 weeks, starting from Monday 8th June, reopening on Monday 22nd June 2020. In these 2 weeks we will also strive to get as many emails answered and payroll changes made to our customer’s accounts.

Whilst our phone lines will be closed, we are very much open and you can contact us via email, if it is about the Furlough scheme email or if it is a general payroll query or request email  To read all our latest Covid-19/Furlough related FAQs click here. To access our newly built Furlough Portal click here

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Top three skills every PA needs

This guest blog from Greycoat Lumleys explains the demands placed on the modern PA and how the role is continuously busy, ever-evolving and diverse. 

No two days are ever the same for a PA as they delicately juggle their employer’s administrative, personal, and professional lives in a manner that ensures they reach their goals with flexibility, proactivity and the highest levels of professionalism.

They will always act with all the necessary characteristics of tact and discretion and possess excellent problem-solving, organisational and time management skills.

So, what are these top three skills every excellent PA should possess?

1. Being ahead of the game

You could say that a PAs chief role is to take the workload off their employer and manage and organise it in a way that allows the employers more time to focus on other things by lightening their burden.

This is a powerful and responsible position to be in and as a result the most efficient PA must be able to anticipate and premeditate their employer’s needs.

This demands precise judgment to be adept at anticipating your employer’s needs and priorities.

2. Always finding a way

As a modern PA you will often act as your employer’s spokesperson and your words and actions are an extension of theirs.

You will be inextricably bound in the most important professional and personal concerns of their day and any employer will expect that you always find a way as they would.

3. Open to change

An excellent PAs openness to change can be seen through their ability to multi-task and adopt a flexible approach, but it is much more than that.

A high-level PA will be challenged every day with an immense work schedule that even the most adept multi-tasking, organised and meticulous PA will find daunting.

The only way to stay at the top of the game is to have the flexible approach, a willingness to change and continuously learn new skills on the job to meet the evolving demands of the role.

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