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4 Inspiring Home Office Organisation Ideas

4 Inspiring Home Office Organisation ideas

With many people currently working from home, perhaps for the first time, we though we would share our top 4 Inspiring Home Office ideas with you.

1. Have a clean, designated work space

Rather than cooping yourself up in your bedroom or on the sofa (spaces that are associated with leisure time), dedicate a specific room or surface in your home to work. If this isn’t possible, pick a space where you are comfortable and away from any distractions. When you are done for the day, switch off and pack up any notes you may have made. This will give you the feeling of leaving the office for the day and ensures that you don’t get distracted by work, once you are done.

2. Make sure you have the right tools to hand

Whilst you should try to keep your work space as clear as possible, you may need to have a stack of documents or useful tools nearby. Try repurposing a nearby shelf or bookcase for these bits, decluttering your work space but ensuring you have everything you need to hand. One top tip is to use a shoe box, decorated with your favourite wrapping paper, to keep all your loose papers together.

3. Bring the outside, inside

Choosing a light space with plenty of airflow for your work area, will ensure that you stay happy and healthy whist you are working from home. To help lift your spirts, try surrounding yourself with indoor plants. They not only produce oxygen, which is good for the brain, they also look nice and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

4. Organise your cables

Keeping your cables tidy will help free up space on your worktop and ensure that they don’t get damaged by any little hands, or paws in your home. Cable ties are a fantastic way to keep any excess wiring neat and in place. If you don’t have any cable ties lying around you can always use string. One useful tip is to use a binder clip attached to the side of your desk, to hold any loose cables or chargers, keeping the cable tangle free.

We hope these ideas help you to feel comfortable and adjusted to your new setting and don’t forget, organisation is the key to success!

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