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In addition to the standard support we provide to domestic recruitment agencies, we have a premium agency service: Stafftax Agency+. For a competitive price, agencies can have support from Stafftax HR and unique promotion of your service to our clients.

Stafftax HR 

Our Stafftax HR Helpline is open to Agency+ members Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, for employment law related queries and support. You will also receive our Template Offer of Employment letter and three contract requests per year, as well as access to helpful factsheets and guidance. 

New Business 

There is a form on the Stafftax website for employers to complete to find staff. Each lead generated through this will be sent on to one or two Agency+ agencies local to the enquiry. Obviously the amount of business we are able to pass on to you depends on market demand, but we will do our best to promote your service and when our clients need additional or replacement staff they will often ask us to recommend an agency.

Additional services

We will continue to send you a commission for successful referrals. If you send ten over the year that cancels out your Agency+ subscription and you will have not only recouped what you have paid for the service but have had the benefit of all the extra support.

Click here to subscribe to Agency+

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