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Household staff salary guide

How much should I pay my household staff?

Using our exclusive data we’ve created this domestic staff salary guide that reveals the average gross hourly and annual salaries across a range of job roles within the private staffing sector.

The averages are calculated from 2018/19 Stafftax payroll data and based on a 50 hour week. Figures are rounded to the nearest pound and are intended for guideline purposes only. 

Housekeeper: £8.91 gross per hour/ £23,179 gross per annum

The basic duties of a housekeeping service include routine cleaning and everyday maintenance, from cleaning and hoovering to laundry and restocking supplies. It may also be asked that the housekeeper runs general errands for the household as required.

Cook/Housekeeper: £10.07 gross per hour/ £26,175 gross per annum

Alongside the duties of a housekeeper, this involves the extra responsibility of preparing meals for the household. It is often required that they serve nutritious and healthy family meals and more experienced cooks will also cook for dinner parties when the family are entertaining.

Gardener: £8.10 gross per hour/£21,059 gross per annum

Responsible for maintaining the beauty of plants and grounds, gardeners can perform a range of general maintenance tasks within a domestic environment including designing, producing, renewing and preserving all outdoor spaces.

Domestic Couple: £8.61 gross per hour/ £22,375 gross per annum

A couple who work together as a team to ensure the smooth running of the household - their responsibilities would typically be split between the indoor and outdoor duties from cleaning and cooking to gardening and dog walking.

Personal Assistant: £12.10 gross per hour/ £31,450 gross per annum

A household PA focuses on organisational projects such as running the employer or family calendar, scheduling household maintenance, filing, emailing and bookkeeping. The role in a domestic environment will also likely involve running errands as well as light housekeeping duties. 

House Manager: £14.64 gross per hour/ £38,064 gross per annum 

This is the top administrative position within a private household, involving close contact with the household owners to ensure expectations are being met. This person will often have decision-making abilities and manage external contractors to facilitate the smooth and successful running of a house and its grounds.

Chef: £19.30 gross per hour/ £50,170 gross per annum

Household cooks and private chefs must prepare meals according to the employers’ recipes, dietary requirements and/or tastes, handling all meals for the family and possibly for other household staff. They must also stock, organise and clean the kitchens and cooking utensils. Some private chefs would also be required to travel with their employers to holiday homes to provide meal preparations at those locations too.

Chauffeur: £14.87 gross per hour/ £38,662 gross per annum

Chauffeurs are specialist drivers responsible for taking passengers to and from their homes, recreational pursuits and workplaces. They are also required to help passengers get in and out of the car, run errands and carry luggage. Top-end chauffeurs will have specific qualifications such as Defensive Driving.

Housemaid/man: £7.52 gross per hour/ £19,552 gross per annum

This person will be tasked with indoor and outdoor maintenance, stock-level checking, light cleaning duties and reporting on any security issues.

Butler: £18.24 gross per hour/ £47,421 gross per annum 

A butler is required to answer calls in the household, greet guests, assist in the planning of events and serve food and drinks. They are expected to handle needs of the household as and when, scheduling service contractors, paying the household bills, organising stock for the home and kitchen, booking medical appointments and will have a proactive approach in staying up to date with the latest software and security systems.

And finally...what about nannies?

You can view the 2018/19 Nanny Salary Index from our sister company, Nannytax, by following this link.

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