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Stafftax is able to offer an Auto Enrolment Workplace Pensions solution for our clients at a very competitive rate as an add-on to our payroll service.

Auto Enrolment is a new pension initiative introduced by the UK government to help people save for retirement through automatically enrolling employees into a workplace pension scheme. This means that every employer in the country must provide a pension scheme for their employee/s and enrol them into it if they are eligible*. This includes people who employ Personal Assistants / Carers. 

As well as providing a workplace pension scheme we will:

ü Help service users and their employees understand the legislation and meet guidelines.
ü Write to all employees to inform them of the automatic enrolment process and their new workplace pension.
ü Manage all communications with the Pensions Regulator.
ü Categorise all domestic staff to see if they qualify to be automatically enrolled or may opt in to a pension.
ü Enrol qualifying domestic staff into the pension, and re-enrol when required.
ü Constantly evaluate domestic staff to check if their qualifying status changes.
ü Automatically enrol existing and new eligible employees.
ü Administer employees opting in and opting out of pensions.
ü Calculate salary deductions and pension contributions.
ü Re-register with the Pensions Regulator every three years.

* Under Auto Enrolment legislation, employees are categorised as follows to determine their rights and eligibility:




less than £6032

£6032 to £10,000

Over £10,000

16 - 22

Entitled Worker

Non-Eligible Jobholder

Non-Eligible Jobholder

22 - State Pension age

Entitled Worker

Non-Eligible Jobholder

Eligible Jobholder

State Pension Age – 75

Entitled Worker

Non-Eligible Jobholder

Non-Eligible Jobholder


  • Eligible Jobholders must be auto-enrolled into the pension scheme.
  • Non-Eligible Jobholders are not automatically enrolled into the pension scheme but have the right to ‘opt in’ and if they do then the employer must make contributions.

  • Entitled Workers can join the scheme but the employer does not have to contribute.


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