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Domestic payroll is easy with Stafftax.

Here is a list of all your payroll responsibilities as an employer.  

Our Stafftax domestic payroll service will take care of it all and there are added extras.

  What you would need to do yourself           
What we will do for you           
Register as an employer with HMRC and set up a PAYE Scheme tick tick
Provide weekly or monthly payslips for your employee(s) tick tick
Quarterly Tax and NI due to HMRC
We will send you a summary of how much is owed and how to pay it
tick tick
Contract of Employment
We will create a bespoke contract for you and your employee once you complete our Contract Request Form


Electronically file a Full Payment Submission (FPS) with HMRC each time you pay your employee, as well as an Employer's Payment Submission (EPS) for any months you don't pay any employees

Electronically file an Employer's Annual Return (P35) and Employee's Pay and Deductions Summary (P14) with HMRC at the end of every tax year as well as providing you with a summary (P60) for your employee

Administer Statutory Sick Pay should an employee go on sick leave tick tick
Administer Statutory Maternity Pay should it be required
We will also liaise with HRMC to help reclaim your SMP and also process your replacement employee's payroll


Process a P45 every time an employee joins or leaves you tick tick
Keep complete payroll records
We will keep these on your behalf
tick tick
We will keep you up to date with tax rates and other changes that may affect your employment tick
We will provide support and advice on any issues that may arise, such as sickness, maternity, redundancy, nanny shares, etc tick
We will provide you with an account in our online Members Area where you can access your account to download payslips, manage documents such as your contract and submit changes to employee details tick

Added Extras

As well as this comprehensive payroll service, Stafftax will invite new clients to complete a free 'Employment Health Check' which is available in the Members Area. This is to make sure you have completed all your obligations as an employer, from insurance, to contracts, to making sure your employee can legally work in the UK. We want to get our clients off to a good start with their employees.

We will also provide you with a Contract of Employment and access to Stafftax HR, our team of employment law solicitors.

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