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Having an employment contract in place is both a legal requirement and essential to your peace of mind as an employer. By law you must have a contract or written statement of employment in place within 8 weeks of your employee starting employment with you. It can be quite expensive to get a solicitor to draw one up for you but with Stafftax it is all part of the service.

Stafftax Contract of Employment 

Stafftax HR will create a bespoke contract for you and your employee once you complete our Contract Request Form. You will be able to access the Contract Request Form, Employment Handbook, Guidance Factsheets, forms and checklists, from the HR Portal. Login details for the HR Portal will be sent in your Stafftax Welcome Email. 

If any specific contract clauses are required, such as confidentiality clauses for example, Stafftax HR will be able to advise and tailor the contract to your specific needs. If you require any additional employment law support our HR team are just a phone call away. 


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