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babyatchristmas croppedA full time employee has a statutory right to at least 5.6 weeks (28 days) of paid holiday a year. This includes bank holidays. Annual leave should only be taken as it has been accrued.

Bank Holidays

As the 28 days’ annual leave includes bank holidays, if an employee takes the day off on a bank holiday it is deducted from their annual leave entitlement. If a part time employee does not normally work on a day which a bank holiday falls, then the bank holiday does not affect their entitlement.

Part Time Employees

Part time employees get a direct proportion of the 28 days. This can be calculated by multiplying the number of days a week they work by 5.6.

FOR EXAMPLE, if Anna works three days a week she is entitled to 16.8 days’ holiday a year, including bank holidays. 3 x 5.6 = 16.8.

Fractions of days must be honoured. They can be rounded up, but not down.

If an employee does not work the same number of hours each day, then their annual leave should be calculated in hours rather than days.

FOR EXAMPLE, if Bob works eight hours a day Monday and Tuesday and four hours each Wednesday, he works 20 hours a week so is due 112 hours’ holiday a year, including bank holidays. 20 x 5.6 = 112.

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