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cotswoldsHave you considered employing a domestic couple to keep your home running smoothly?

Domestic couples can be a complete solution, providing a seamless team with multiple skills.

Between the two of them, domestic couples can often undertake a wide range of duties, such as housekeeping, childcare, laundry, shopping, driving, gardening, DIY, care of animals, swimming pool maintenance, etc.

You may want, for example, a couple combining the skills of a nanny/housekeeper with a handyman/gardener or a housekeeper/cook with a houseman/estate manager/driver.

Usually separate accommodation will be provided for the domestic couple and a joint salary. Couples will generally be looking for the security of a long-term position and will want to take their annual leave together.

Stafftax works with a number of agencies who can help with all sorts of domestic staff recruitment, including domestic couples. Complete our online form and we will put you in contact with a highly skilled recruitment agency to suit your needs.

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